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Vern Hacker’s Fish Chowder

Eat Wisconsin Fish / Vern Hacker’s Fish Chowder



5 pounds white potatoes, preferably Idaho
1 onion, 3-inch diameter
1 3/4 tablespoon salt
4 pounds boned fish (thaw if frozen)
28-ounce can of whole tomatoes
1/4 pounds soda crackers, reduced to meal in blender–add hot water to make a slurry
51-ounce can of tomato soup
3/4 tablespoons black pepper
1/2 pound butter
1 pint half & half cream


Peel, quarter and thinly slice potatoes. Rinse in cold water until water is clear of excess starch. Place potatoes in a 12-quart kettle, cover with water and then add 2 extra quarts of water. Put onion in blender with a little water and reduce it to liquid. Add onion and salt to potatoes. Boil until potatoes are soft. DO NOT POUR OFF LIQUID. With potato masher, reduce about 3/4 of the potatoes to a puree. Cut fish into chunks and add to potato puree. Put whole tomatoes in blender for 2 seconds to break them up and add to potato puree along with tomato soup. Cook until the fish flakes, then turn down heat. Add pepper, butter, half & half and soda crackers. Add hot water to give mixture the consistency of a medium-thick soup. Simmer for a half hour. Then eat and enjoy. Freezes nicely.