Eat Wisconsin Fish is sponsored by Wisconsin Sea Grant at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Wisconsin Sea Grant supports scientific research, education and outreach to foster the wise use, conservation and sustainable development of Great Lakes and coastal resources.

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Eat Wisconsin Fish / Fishermen

Baileys Harbor Fish Company LLC/Hickey Bros. Research LLC

8099 Ridges Rd.
Baileys Harbor, WI 54202

Carin Stuth

Chubs, perch and whitefish

Seasonal limitations: Based on commercial catch seasons and open fishing dates
Distribution area: Northeast Wisconsin for small businesses; wholesale to U.S. East Coast. Retail fish shop is open May through October.
Minimum/maximum order: No minimum or maximum; orders will be filled based on availability of fish.

Bodin Fisheries

Commercial fishing
208 Wilson Ave.
Bayfield, WI 54814

Joe Van Der Puy

Burbot, lake herring, lake trout, smoked salmon, smelt, whitefish and walleye.

All wild-caught fresh, smoked and frozen vacuum-packed products. Some walleye and perch are from Lake Erie.

Seasonal limitations: Reduced fresh whitefish and lake trout availability in November and December, but we retain stock of frozen, vacuum-packed product. Fresh walleye, lake herring and smelt while in season.

Distribution area: Weekly deliveries in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Daily overnight shipping service via UPS and Speedee to restaurants and grocers anywhere in Wisconsin.

Minimum/maximum order: None.

Halvorson Fisheries, LLC

Commercial fishing
22690 Siskiwit Parkway
Cornucopia, WI 54827

Maurine Halvorson

Lake whitefish, lake trout; fresh and smoked
Lake whitefish livers
Frozen lake whitefish and lake herring patties

Seasonal limitations: None
Distribution area: Northern Wisconsin
Minimum/maximum order: None

Craig Hoopman Fisheries / Hoop’s Fish Market

Commercial fishing
707 Old Military Rd., Hwy. 13
Bayfield, WI 54814

Craig or Billie Hoopman


Fresh whitefish and trout, smoked and brown-sugar-cured smoked whitefish and trout, fillets and chunks. Smoked and brown-sugar-cured smoked salmon. Smoked fish spread (several flavors).

Seasonal limitations: Yes, inquire via the email above. This business does both retail sales and wholesale.

Lindal Fisheries and Market

Commercial fishing
3805 Co Rd M
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235

Daniel Lindal

Lake whitefish; fresh, smoked and dip
Yellow perch; fresh and frozen.
Both can be ordered as whole fish, dressed and fillet.

Seasonal limitations: None
Distribution area: Northeastern Wisconsin
Minimum/maximum order: None

M & M Brunette and Sons

Commercial fishing
4026 Kruegers Quarry Rd.
Oconto, WI 54153

Paul Brunette

Yellow perch and lake whitefish; fresh and frozen; dressed, fillets and whole

Seasonal limitations: Out of season from November to April

Distribution area: Primarily the Green Bay area

Minimum/maximum order: None

Susie Q Fish Co.

Commercial fishing
1810 East St.
Two Rivers, WI 54241

Paul LeClair

Perch, trout, walleye and whitefish

Seasonal limitations: Yes, depending on the weather or if the quota has been filled and we need to wait for the start of the next quota. That would determine if product is fresh or fresh frozen.
Distribution area: Midwest (Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio)
Minimum/maximum order: No minimum. Maximum depends upon supply.