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Root Vegetable Hash with Lake Herring

Eat Wisconsin Fish / Root Vegetable Hash with Lake Herring


Chef Scott Graden, The New Scenic Café, Duluth

Runner-up Winning Recipe of the 2013 Lake Superior Fish Classic

Vegetable hash


1 ounce Cooked red beets, small dice
1 ounce Cooked gold beets, small dice
1 ounce Roasted sweet potato, small dice
1 ounce Cooked Yukon gold potato, small dice
1 ounce Red onion
1 ounce Apple (honey crisp), small dice
1 teaspoon Garlic, minced
1/2 ounce Crushed hazelnuts
1 each Soft-boiled egg, diced
1 ounce Butter
1 ounce Rendered duck fat


Boil or roast each root vegetable until fork-tender.
Remove skins, if desired.
Small dice root vegetables, set aside.
Small dice red onion, mince garlic and set aside.
In a sauté pan, add butter and duck fat.
Once hot, add diced vegetables, onion and garlic.
Heat through, add salt and pepper to taste, toss gently with egg, apple and hazelnuts, set aside and hold until plating

Gastrique sub recipe


2 ounces Cider vinegar
3 ounces Reduced apple cider
1 ounce Maple syrup
1/2 each Lemon zest


Combine ingredients and set aside.

Lake Herring


5-7 ounces Fresh lake herring fillet
1 ounce Butter
1 ounce Rendered duck fat


Clean fresh herring, fillet, debone and slit skin side every 1/16 inch. Set aside. In a sauté pan, melt butter and rendered duck fat.

Increase heat to 350 degrees or just below the flash point. Gently place herring in pan, skin-side down.
Cook for 2-3 minutes and flip.
Turn off heat, set fish aside until plating.

Finish and plating


3 each Dill sprigs
2 teaspoons Roe or caviar
4-6 each Candied blueberries
To taste Salt and pepper


Soft poach a medium egg.

To construct the dish, place the hash in the center of the plate. Top with the herring fillet. Top fish with the poached egg. Finish with cider gastrique, fresh dill sprigs, roe and candied berries.